Preparatory Programs

Fashion Preparatory Program

Fashion Preparatory Program encourages students in express and illustrates creative ideas using digital technology.

A student who does not qualify for regular admissions based on the portfolio presentation and interview will be admitted provisionally to the college, but will be required to pass the Fashion Preparatory Program courses.

A diverse range of 5 courses offered in the program is intended to introduce students to expertise and knowledge in

  • Basics of Illustration
  • Introduction to Textiles
  • Doodle with Lines and Color
  • Explore Digital Design
  • Fashion Business Planning

All the Fashion Preparatory Program courses are designed to broaden students’ knowledge and perspective of creative skills in fashion and give them the tools to succeed towards the future translation into an Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree for professional purposes.

This bridge will ensure that the students make an informed choice of undergraduate study, and will prepare them for the level of work that they will be undertaking in the first year. Along with its components of English Language, and Mathematics, the Preparatory Program will also prepare students for success in Higher Education.

Remedial Program

Students granted provisional admission are required to successfully complete one or both of the remedial courses and must pass the exit exams in Mathematics with 60% or better and in English an TOEFL equivalent score of 500 before they can register for degree program level courses.

The remedial courses in English and Mathematics focus on the development of pre-collegiate writing skills in preparation for Academic Writing and numerical skills in preparation for College Mathematics, respectively.

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